With up to 80% of women wearing the wrong size bra it’s clear we aren’t getting measured often enough. Hormone changes, weight fluctuations and age can all affect our bra size, which is why it's recommended to get fitted twice a year or learn how to do do it yourself.

Wrong size bra can effect your posture, irritate your skin, cause indentation on your shoulders and the strain can spread up to the neck. Although finding the perfect bra fit can seem complicated, it is an important step to feel comfortable and confident.

What the right fit feels like:

  • The straps stay put on your shoulders and don’t dig in.
  • The band sits snugly against your back on any hook, ideally the loosest one. There should only be enough room to slide one finger underneath the band.
  • The cups properly cover your breasts with no overflow or gaps.
  • The underwire sits comfortably under your breasts


- Wear an unpadded bra that enclose your breasts without squeezing them.

- Wrap the tape measure firmly around your underbust.

- Pull it so that it feels firm, but comfortable.

- Memorize or write down the measurement


- Measure the circumference around the cups where the breasts are the fullest.

- Avoid tightening the tape, it should be neither too tight, nor too loose.

- Memorize or write down the measurement


Yes! All you have to do is look for your measurements in our size table below. 

If you struggled to fit to your usual size, try sister sizes for fitting when your cup or band is not fitting well on you. For example, if you are usually a 90C, and realise that the bra band fits loose on you but you will still like to maintain the cup volume, try a sister size 85D. If it is the other way round, you realise that it is tight at the bra band, down a cup size and up a size band by trying 95B. See our sister size chart below for more info.